A Hero Is Beyond Ordinary

As I mentioned, I am reading Leviticus, arguably one of the most exciting books of the Bible. Right?  Maybe.

This morning’s reading is chapter 13, a discussion of infectious skin diseases and mildew. What spiritual insight can I gain from such a text?

Lesson One: Don’t spiritualize everything.  There was once a form of biblical interpretation where everything was an allegory of something else.  For example, the two coins the Good Samaritan gave to the innkeeper symbolize “baptism and the Lord’s Supper.”  That is going a little too far.

Lesson Two: Keep an eye on your health.  God is concerned about your health, and other details of your life.  If you see a strange spot on your skin, go to the doctor.

Lesson Three: Clean the shower.  Mildew is dangerous stuff.  With all the flooding of late, we see the danger of mold and mildew.  I have heard of entire houses torn down because of mold problems.

I was servicing my lawn mower last weekend and as I took the blades off to sharpen them, I noticed that the layer of stuff under there had a nice coat of fuzz on it. Mold!  Just like penicillin growing in your bread box or cheese drawer.

Often, being a HERO is taking care of the ordinary stuff. From the spiritual disciplines of reading the Bible and prayer to the regular duties of paying bills and going to work every day, a HERO is a busy person.

In our day, simply being responsible is becoming extraordinary. Following the simple commands of the Bible is a big deal.  “Because God said so” has become crazy talk.

We see so many in society and even in the church who have lost sight of obedience to God. So many are unwilling to do the simple things that God asks.

Working for a living, waiting until marriage, marrying for life, disciplining your children, paying your bills, respecting authority, etc. were at one time ordinary things. Now, they have become extraordinary.

Since we are God’s people, let’s do what God asks us to do, from keeping an eye on our health to keeping the house clean and all of the ordinary things that we are to do as responsible followers of Christ.

Doing all of these ordinary things, we become HEROES in God’s eyes. We will be doing what so many others are unwilling to do.  Even the ordinary things matter.

Your pastor,

Bro. BrianHero pp title bkgd


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