Give More Than Ever Before

PrintI hopped on my motorbike and rode across town where I met my fellow missionaries.  We got in their SUV and headed 100 km north and turned down the highway onto a dirt road.  At the end of the dirt road, we got in a wooden boat and headed up the lake.

We tied the boat to the house floating in the lake.  Eight other boats, similar to pirogues pulled up and tied up to the house.  And then we had church.  And people got saved.

This floating house became a church.  The man of the house became the pastor.  The leaders began to think about those in the next village.

This is missions.  This is going on around the world.  This is why we give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Another man accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and was given a Bible.  He read the entire Bible in just three months.  He became the pastor of the church that met in his home, a small house that floated in the river at the edge of town.

He became an amazing preacher.  Without the help of commentaries and Bible reference books that we American pastors enjoy, his sermons were filled with biblical truth throughout the Bible.  You might think he had finished seminary, but there is no seminary in Cambodia.

There are still so many villages to

reach, so many dirt roads to travel, so many rivers to navigate, to reach people who have no access to the gospel of Jesus Christ that is so dear to us.

I encourage you to give generously to support our missionaries and the work of the gospel around the world.  Give generously to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and our Ingathering this Sunday Morning.

Because of who He is,

Bro. Brian


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